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Why you Should Practice Yoga at Home ?

Yoga means union. You should not have to go to a studio to feel that connection and union between the visible and invisible worlds. Practicing at a local studio is amazing to teach you the basics of yoga, but what happens the day you are too busy to go to your favorite class?

That stressful day is most likely the day where you need yoga the most. Yoga is a matter of self-realization as well as understanding your body and mind. Stress creates energy blockages all along your body that will not let you feel at peace.

Assisting to classes regularly teach you the basics such as vinyasa or downward facing dog. During your practices, you have most certainly noticed a flow of movements that are repetitive and easily doable at home.

Practicing yoga alone and trusting your intuitions on which flow to follow will be healing on so many levels. It will first impress you, because you will quickly realize that you are your own teacher. Your intuitions will take you exactly to the posture to follow to feel at peace and connected to your inner self. You will also implement weekly challenges that will show you how you can be good to yourself and improve quickly. For all of those reasons, yoga will be your personal source of healing without needing the perpetual guidance of someone else.

Here are 5 tricks on how to start your practice at home:

  1. Clear the space.

Set up a space in your home where you feel most confortable to practice, preferably close to your altar. Once that space is set, mist Healanah’s chakra spray Pure everywhere. That powerful blend of juniper, tea tree and peppermint has the power to release all kind of negative energies in a room.

  1. Make a playlist.

Personally I’d go for mantras, but again this is only a personal choice. Sounds are essential during a practice to reconnect to the moment and be in that sacred space of yoga.

  1. Trust you intuition

Believe in yourself ! Your third eye will let you to the postures you need the most. No need to put pressure on yourself to look like all those people on your Instagram feed. You will get there at your own time and pace.

Balance will come with practice and assiduity. All you have to do is listen to your heart and the postures and yoga will follow.

  1. Be creative.

Find different challenges for the week that motives you to move forward in your daily practice. What is the posture that you dreamt of doing this past two years? It is time to get on it. You will reach that goal easily with a dedicated practice, listening to your body and visualization.

Take a couple seconds at the beginning of your practice to set intentions on what you would like to achieve among other dreams and desires.

  1. Let go.

Enjoy your practice. It is your time and moment. No one is telling you what to do or how to do it. It is a just a matter of how timing and how you would like to implement things. Your own self-teacher will show it all to you as long as you breathe and believe that you can achieve your goals.

Namaste !!


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