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Unconditional Self-Love


The society we live in today makes it harder and harder to love ourselves. Instagram pictures are of beautiful women or men spending their time on vacation are all over. When we face those images on a daily basis, it makes us disconnect from our reality. Most of us, will even wonder if they could switch their 9 to 5 lives with them? That exact question that may even be  unconscious will separate you from your grateful feelings. For a second, you create that thought where you are not satisfied with your life, which lower your all vibrations and most likely your self-love.

Instagram is only a way out of thousands of others that surround us today, such as TV ads, commercials, or Victoria Secret models.

A daily mind-awareness on your thought process can help you let of go of those thoughts and surrender to Self Love. Mind-awareness means catching up that voice in your head that never stops talking, thinking, processing and most likely bothering you. When this constant flow of thoughts is jumping onto certain topics, you are going to correct yourself.

This exercise is called a 21 days cleanse. For a period of 21 days, you will completely stop:

  • Complaining
  • Gossiping
  • Arguing


You think that you are one of those that do not complain. Good job, but most likely you still do without realizing it. Complaining includes all kind of negative thoughts that can arise, even about picking up your clothes from the cleaner. The goal during those 21 days is to not let any negative sentences arising. You are happy and mindful of everything you are doing during your day.


Most of us gossip and forget that even did. It is so easy to talk about the neighbor or your friend that got drunk last night, but it will not take you anywhere. Focus on more meaningful subjects that people that are not even here to defend them.


I believe that it one of the hardest ones. Whenever you do not agree with someone, you stop yourself from getting into a debate and agree to whatever the person in front of you is saying. Getting into a debate will not take you anywhere. Most likely that person has this opinion based on all the knowledge she absorbed since she was born. You will not changer her perception and she won’t change yours. Let go of that desire to be right … Or at least give it a try for 21 days.

Journaling your 21 days is highly recommended. Only a couple lines a day will do the job, but it good to be able to back in time with your journal. Using your Healanah chakra spray every night is also recommended to help you in the process of removing unwanted blockages in your chakras.

Love & Light


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2 thoughts on “Unconditional Self-Love

  1. I’m three days away from doing the challenge. It has been great. I am writting a little bit of how the day goes.
    Lots of love and light.

    Eddiel Miranda

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