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The 5 Principles of Yoga

The direct translation of yoga is Union. It represents the connection between the visible and the invisible world. Very often in our yoga studios in the West, teachers turn the class into a flow of yoga postures, but forget to explain the meaning behind it.

The postures are amazing and will help your system rebalance and your vital energy flow freely. But, to experience the full effect of yoga, it is essential to incorporate meditation into your practice. Yoga is complete, and offer the opportunity to reach Nirvana when a set of 5 principles are respected:

  • Proper Exercise (Asana)
  • Proper Breathing (Pranayama)
  • Proper Relaxation (Savasana)
  • Proper Diet (Vegetarian)
  • Positive Thinking & Meditation (Dharana & Dhyana)

Proper Exercice: (Asana)

Yoga regards the body as a temple, as a vehicle for the soul on its journey toward perfection. Yogic physical exercises are designed to develop not only the body. They also broaden the mental faculties and the spiritual capacities.

Asana, the yogic exercises mean “steady pose.” The goal is to be able to keep the postures for a couple minutes to absorb the full effect of yoga. While this can be challenging if you are simply starting, work on your flexibility to reach that goal.

Another essential point of yogic exercises is to remember that all the elements are present in you during your practice. Bless the water that flows inside of your body. Offer your heart to sun during your Vinyasa, and do not forget to thank Mother Earth for welcoming us into her home.

Proper Breathing: (Pranayama)

The most important thing about breathing is by far “prana.” Prana is your life force energy. The more control you get over your prana, the more you can control your mind.

Proper Relaxation: (Savasana)

Yoga teaches three levels of relaxation – physical, mental and spiritual.

By relaxing deeply your body and mind, the Yogi can regenerate its nervous system and reach a state of inner peace. Think of your body and mind as a computer. If too many tabs and apps are opened the battery will die quicker. It is exactly the same thing with your body and mind. If you do not close of the tabs in your mind and let the energy freely circulate you cannot reach your highest performances.

Proper Diet: (Vegetarian)

“You are what you eat.” The inner principle of yoga is that all is one. We are connected to our Environment as well as animals. Eating processed food or animals will only lower your vibrations. Focus on highly vibrational foods, such as plant-based ingredients. Bless your meal before eating you will instantly feel the magic. The aliments will get back to their true nature and regenerate you exactly as you need.

Positive Thinking and Meditation: (Dharana & Dhyana)

Meditation is well-known to improve concentration and to bring peace of mind and spiritual strength. Meditation is beneficial for everyone, especially those with a hectic, stressful life.  Here is the most important point of all, we become what we think. Therefore, letting go of the thoughts only a couple minutes a day, is necessaryto reconnected to our inner and quiet self. Let you I am blend with the universe to feel the oneness.

Before any of those practices, the use of your Healanah set of chakra sprays will help you to rebalance and improve your ability to reconnect to your loving self.


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