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Thanksgiving: Time for Gratitude & Reflection

As every other holiday, Thanksgiving is a time of the year where you look back into what happened in your life within the past twelve months. It is also a time to take good resolutions for the upcoming year.


As the frequency of our planet is rising as well as our own personal frequencies, it is time to focus on the notion gratitude. Based on the principles of Hinduism, gratitude is principle that should be integrated into our daily routine. As westerners, we have the tendency to think that being grateful once a year for Thanksgiving is enough. It is definitely better than not doing it all, but we still have a lot of work to attain a certain sense of enlightenment with a once a year gratitude policy.


Since the beginning of this post, we assumed that you were grateful once a year, but we did not take under consideration the fact that you might come home and face all your demons at once. Families have the tendency to raise rage and terrible part of us. Their attitude is just unbearable at some point. Just remember while that rage arise at thanksgiving diner, that people that most challenge us in general are the one that push us toward enlightenment. If you are facing someone for whom you have no feeling that arise, you will not be changing or asking yourself the questions what so ever. Keeping this in mind will help you in the process of overcoming stress, anger and anxiety during your family gathering.


Now that this is said, it is time to go back to our gratitude process. Take the most out of this time of the year to journal what you did good or bad this past year. Make a quick list. Journaling is a way to reflect in a more objective manner onto the past.

Once you have written down the pros and cons of your year, you are going to start your grateful journey.


There is a simple exercise called the grateful game:

  • On your journal write 10 things that you are grateful for in this past year.
  • Then, write 10 things you are grateful for within this past month, followed by the week and finally the day.


This exercise is extremely beneficial as being grateful help in the process of raising your vibrations. Slowly moving toward your day will help you let go of your frustrations that you could have before starting this exercise.


Happy Thanksgiving! Please leave us your comments on how your holidays went …


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