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From Suffering To Compassion

Suffering is everywhere is the world we live in. We just have to turn on the news to hear all the sad and horrible things that are currently happening.


On a personal level, we also encounter suffering at all stages of our life. Most spiritual masters, will explain you that it is simply a road to take to find enlightenment. The universe is testing us to open our eyes to the beauty of meditation and spirituality.


This beautiful explanation from spiritual masters, is always good to hear but as we are in pain we tend to forget it and develop self-pity, self questioning …


To find ourselves in this world and put up with this suffering there is 3 simple steps to take, inspired from traditional yogic practices:


  • Acknowledge


More and more people today tend to avoid the situations by simply stopping to watch the news. This is not the solution because we are putting on hold our possible empathy. As yogic practices explain, it is a question of being aware of the situation. Pinpoint what is painful and why. Once you understand the root, it becomes easier to accept and move on.


A simple practice of meditation can help you pinpoint your source of suffering. Sit with your back straight in a quiet environment, spray around your aura the Healanah chakra spray of your choice and set the intention of the root of your suffering. Your higher self will guide you to some answers.


  • Accept


Understanding what is happening is the first step but accepting the situation is key to open your heart and soul. Certain situations are more challenging to accept than others but the moment you accept, you intrinsically let go.

An excellent way to let go and accept is to feel integrated into a community. The sense of community helps to relieve pain as you can express yourself into a safe environment. A community can range from a group of people sharing the same experience as yours, a reiki circle or your yoga tribe.


  • Be compassionate in your actions


As Ghandi said: “be the change you want to see in the world.” If you want to leave in a better environment surrounded by loving and caring people start by changing yourself. This is the basic of any yogic practices. The change comes from within. The more kindness and empathy you will offer to the world, the more it will come back to you and your beautiful environment. On top of it, your perception will change as your vibrations will rise during this practice.


Responding to pain will love and care will simply open your heart and help your to see things in a more positive aspects.


So, next time you’re about to yell at someone driving next to you, think of the whole story behind the people and envision him or her as a human being trying to make it work in this work.





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