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7 Mantras to Rebalance your 7 Chakras

The process of repeating the same story or affirmation is how we acquired all of our knowledge independently of the stage of our life. Babies and kids learn the language by hearing repeatedly the same sounds and frequencies associated to it. Students learn by hearing the same theorem and repeating it to themselves to makes sure that their brain processed it and remember it for the final. Later on, adults do the same and repeat the same stories that they acquired thru life experiences.

The idea of repeating the same sentence or proverb comes from Hinduism and Buddhism, and it is called mantra. The first and most famous mantra to repeat is “om”, the sound of creation or reconciliation between the feminine and masculine energies. Mantras can vary from a sentence to a word. It is now commonly used as self-affirmation.

Those seven mantras will help you in the process of raising your vibrations and aligning your chakras. Each of them is attached to a Healanah Chakra spray that can be used to anchor the power of the mantra.

  • Root Chakra / Energy: I am energized. I respect my mind, body and spirit.

Spray a couple mists of Energy and let the energy flow before repeating this mantra at least three times. It will enhance your connection to your roots or mother earth, and increase your sense of grounding.

  • Sacral Chakra / Imagine: I expand and embrace my imagination and creativity.

Spray a couple mists of Imagine before repeating this mantra 3 times. Whether or not you envision yourself as someone creative, you have a part of creativity that should not be neglected. Embrace this side of yourself and thank your beautiful mind and sacral for offering you the opportunity to develop this ability.

  • Solar Plexus / Enjoy: I recognize the power of now. I am confident. I am happy.

Spray a couple mist of Enjoy. The process will help you let go of fears and negative thoughts. Connecting to the present moment is essential to be happy, and letting go of your fears.

  • Heart Chakra / Abundance: I am grateful and open the door to abundance.

Giving is essential to receive. Expressing your gratefulness will open the door to a heart opening and abundance. Do not forget to spray Abundance while focusing on this mantra.

  • Throat Chakra / Peace: I am fully in peace with myself. I speak from my heart.

The fifth chakra is your sense of communication and ability to speak the truth. Opening this chakra and speaking from the heart will avoid entering into arguments or gossips, which will lower your vibrations on the long run. Our chakra spray Peace is an amazing support during this process.

  • Third eye / Healing: I have the inner power to heal myself and my surroundings.

The wisdom chakra guide you thru your intuition and healing powers. Calling your powers will give you the chance to open to clairvoyance and develop your sense of intuition. It will also enhance the quality of your sleep, among other positive aspects. Spray healing during the process of repeating the mantra for a full effect.

  • Crown Chakra / Pure: I let go and I trust the process of life. I am pure light.

The crown chakra connects to the purest and most healing loving version of yourself. It is the ultimate connection to the divine. Opening this channel of energy will help you in the process of surrendering to the magic of this beautiful universe. When repeating this mantra, spray pure around your aura for maximal effect.


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