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5 Reasons to Fast Weekly

Fasting is one of the oldest therapy and medicine in history. When you think about it, babies stop eating when they are sick. Nobody tell them to do it. They simply engage in this process because their bodies know that it will enhance the process of healing.

In the Jewish religion, you have to fast a couple times a year, either for redemption on Yom Kippur or to celebrate different holidays. It is a way to purify yourself and let go of all kind of impurities in your physical body and consequently mind. As commonly say, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

To be more precise, fasting has 5 incredible reasons to get on track:

• Cleanse your system:
We live in a society where food is over present. We eat more than we should. Fasting will help your system rebalance and flush all the unwanted toxins.

• Change Bad Habits:
We all have a bunch of different addictions. For some it will caffeine, cigarettes, pot or junk food. Whichever one it is, you may believe that you cannot survive without your dose for the day. One you passed, the first twenty-four hours of your fast, you will quickly realize that you can get our of your habits more easily and smoothly than you think. Your system will at first crave food instead of any other addiction than you can have.

• Reset your Body Clock:
With Netflix and a bunch of other options, we are not regulated properly in terms of sleep or eating habits. A fast will help you to raise your vibrations and reset the internal clock of your physical body. Quickly you will be able to listen to the desires of your body and let go of the unwanted bad habits.

• Increase Clarity of the Mind:
Fasting has an incredible power in terms of its ability to reset the mind. Over the years, monks and spiritual beings used fasting to reach unconditional love or Nirvana. It is a way to clear all negative energies and blockages. Therefore, you chi or prana will be able to flow freely rebalancing your chakras.

• Being Forced to Rest:
Again our society tends to make us feel like sleeping is not essential. A fast can be very tiring the first couple days. You will be forced to listen to yourself and rest as much as needed.

During your fast, do not forget to use Healanah’s chakra sprays. The use of essentials oils infused with gemstones will help you in the process of letting go the first few days that can be tough.

* Those are simply recommendations and it should not be done for a period over 3 days unless you are drinking water. Please make sure to be watched and advised by a physical doctor.

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