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What We Do

The Sprays

We offer a line of eight healing sprays made out of love and positive intentions. Each spray was created by combining the art of aromatherapy and the inner power of gemstones. Each spray has a different purpose based on the state of mind you desire to reach.

Colors & Meaning

Each Healanah Healing Spray is represented by a specific color that is attached to a chakra. The human body is composed of seven different chakras, through which energy circulates. Once this energy is perfectly balanced, and passes through each channel, is the body and mind at perfect equilibrium.


Each Healanah Healing Spray is attached with a “mantra” that is meant to be recited three times either out loud or in your mind. The act of repeating the mantra will allow you to lift your vibration levels and release all the positive intentions into the use of the healing spray’s.

8 sprays when 7 chakras

Sarah decided on a line of Eight Healing Sprays because she could imagine one without Love. Love is recognized as the underlying currency of the world we live in. Having only Seven Chakras did not make it an issue.