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ABUNDANCE – Heart Chakra Spray

The fourth chakra, also known as the green chakra, heart chakra, & Anahata, is the base of the body’s love, compassion, and joy. The heart chakra is the center of the deep bonds with loved ones and the root of the sense of compassion. Placed at the center of the the seven chakras, the heart chakra is the point in which the physical and spiritual forces of the body meet. As indicated by its name, the heart chakra is found at the center of the chest, above the heart, and encompasses the lungs and lymphatic system. When cleared and balanced, the green chakra opens the mind and body to an endless flow of love and altruism. A unifying chakra, Anahata connects the body to a larger world and universe as it forms an intricate bond of relationships with other beings and natural objects. The green chakra is truly the body’s center of love and it is vital that the heart chakra remains unblocked.

As complications occur within the the heart chakra, the body can experience a decrease in warmth in self-love as it lets in judgmental, toxic thoughts. Healanah has concocted the ABUNDANCE hand-made healing spray to reintroduce positive vibrations into the heart chakra when these blockages occur. Crafted with a delicate blend of rosemary, lime, and geranium, the ABUNDANCE heart chakra healing spray opens the heart to abundance and compassion. Healanah’s ABUNDANCE green chakra spray can be used under any circumstances to increase positive vibrations that assist the body in working through uncomfortable moments.

The heart chakra can be exercised everyday through simple practices. Begin the morning with a powerful Cobra Pose which allows the prana to be directed to the heart chakra. The Forward Bend Pose also opens and balanced the fourth chakra as it clears blockages and stimulates the body’s nervous system. Use the Healanah ABUNDANCE healing heart chakra mist while stretching to enhance the effects of yoga, Throughout the day keep the heart and mind open to empathy and compassion by walking in another person’s shoes whenever possible. The most effective way to receive love is to give love. Smile at co-workers, practice forgiveness, and try to avoid critical thoughts towards oneself and others. These simple routines, combined with the ABUNDANCE heart chakra healing spray maintain the strength of the green chakra to prevent future blockages and to support the remaining six chakras.

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