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Now Available: Healanah Healing Chakra Sprays

At Healanah, we believe in harnessing the transformative powers of Reiki to energize and cleanse the body and mind, as well as the aura of the surrounding atmosphere. The traditional Japanese healing technique is used to both cleanse and channel energy inside your healing space using the natural tools offered by the Earth. While on the quest for spirituality and meaning, Healanah founder, Sarah, became an apprentice of the ancient art of Reiki and applied her learnings to capture the essence of the alchemy of essential oils and gemstones within a bottle. Each of the Healanah products is created based on the seven chakras of the body and delivers a unique spiritual quintessence to guide you towards achieving a balanced state of mind.

Healanah offers a line of eight purifying sprays that are born with the intention to deliver love and positive intentions while enhancing your aura.  Each Healanah Healing Spray embodies the unique energy one of the seven different chakras which compose the human body. If you desire to embrace an uplifted, calm, or purified state of mind within your personal aura, the Healanah Healing Sprays open the paths to aligning your chakras and channeling energies synthesized through ancient Japanese concoctions.

Healanah Healing Sprays additionally compliment and facilitate the aura cleansing journey.  As human beings, our auras are constantly intermingling with the energies of our surrounding atmospheres. In the process of your daily life, it is common to harbor foreign, unwanted energies which unbalance the personal aura.  Healanah Healing Sprays can be used to cleanse the aura of disruptive energies and restore the original vibrant, balanced sense of self.

Each Healanah Healing Spray comes attached with a mantra, meant to be recited three times, which allows the uplifting of inner vibration levels, consequently releasing positive intentions into the use of the healing spray.  In addition to the seven chakras – purity, healing, peace, abundance, happiness, imagination, and energy – Sarah has added an eight healing spray to her collection.  Love: the underlying currency of the world we share which allows acceptance of the universe, ourselves, and the loved ones with whom we share our lives.