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New Year Resolution, Ask Yourself A Couple Questions First.

It is that time of the year where we analyze what happened this past 12 months. We look back and decide on what we could have done better or what we are grateful for. Once that full assessment done, a list of resolutions will slowly rush into your mind.

The main problem of resolutions is that we draw a list every year and by the end of January we already forgot. Humans are creatures of habits. Changing your daily routine is hard, as we hate it when we lost our point of references.


For those who are motivated know that it takes 21 days to break a pattern of habit. Once you passed that first challenge, the withdrawals will slowly ease up.


For those did not make it by the end of January with your new resolutions it is ok. You are not alone! The only problem is that a sense of guilt might quickly appear. You set yourself for failure as you challenged yourself and did not reach your goal, which can be tough on your self-esteem.


To avoid that common problem, we concocted a list of questions to review while going over your list of resolutions for the year. Assessing properly your resolutions will help you set more reasonable goals to maintain on the long run.


  • Is this resolution for you or someone else?

Making changes for someone else is even more challenging than for you and bring some serious frustrations. Make sure that you are in accordance with your true self while reflecting on your resolutions and that each decision you made will please your higher self.


  • What will be the major benefits of maintaining that resolution?

Make a list of everything will gain out of changing your habits. Being aware of what you will gain will help you keep your motivation level and help in the process of visualization of that “new you.” The more you will visualize the more the Universe will organize things for your journey to go smoothly.


  • Why didn’t you do it until now?

Why weren’t you able to make this choice until now? What changed in your life that makes you think that you able to maintain this challenge this time when you did not before? Being aware of the reasons of your past failure will help you avoid those patterns in the future.


Once those three questions answered you are ready for your next year challenge. Do not forget that meditation, mantra and Healanah’s chakra sprays will help you during your journey of breaking your habits.


Happy New Year Everyone!


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