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Create Your Vision Board

For those who did not see The Secret, we will explain to you how and why do a vision board. According to the Secret, we as humans, have the power to attract our deepest inner desires as long as we visualize it and set the right intentions for it.


Setting intentions is powerful but concretizing it into the real world with a printed vision board will help you anchor it into the physical world.


  • Write down what you want.

Before creating your vision board, you should take time for a quick meditation. Sit down with you back straight, focus on your breathing and spray some of your favorite Healanah chakra spray around your aura. Once you calmed your mind, take a piece of paper and write down what you deeply want. There is no limit in terms of desire. The only limit to what you desire to attract is yourself and fears.

  • Prepare what you need for your vision board.

Once you know what you want to attract, browse some pictures online of your dream house, vacation, or relationship. To give you a quick example, a couple years ago, I had printed the picture of my dream hotel and massage in Australia. I completely forgot about it until the moment I landed in the Whitsundays Islands. I checked in into the hotel I booked, visited the spa and realized that it was the exact same place as the one I envisioned a couple years back. Everything is question of intentions and desires.

  • Collage Time,

Now that you have everything ready, be creative. Glue your pictures, add quotes, or drawing onto your board. Your board is your personal space. Make it pretty according to your standards. At the center, you can even add a picture of yourself smiling, to remember to smile when you will look at your board.


  • Place it in a place where you see it everyday.

Personally, I like to place my board on my altar, since it is place right in front of my bed. I see it every morning and night. This helps me remember to send some energies and love to it every time I see it. This is my routine but find a place for it where you will see it daily. Another great tip, is to take a picture of your board and add it as a wallpaper on your phone.


Have fun creating your boards and leave your comments if you have any ideas or suggestions …




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