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Healanah Energy Chakra Healing Spray

For most people, the summer is a time for regaining balance and putting an end to the chaos that influences the everyday work and home life.  Healanah’s hand-made ENERGY healing spray is created out of harmony and positive intentions. The chakra spray has been attached to the color red, which embodies the essence of the root chakra.

For those seeking s connection with the energy of Mother Earth or simply searching to strengthen the feeling of safety and support, the Healanah ENERGY chakra spray provides a path to achieving a sense of worthiness and security.

Clear your mind with the Healanah root chakra healing spray’s alliance of ylang-ylang flowers and invigorating cinnamon which open the mind to achieving a intoxicating connection with both the physical body and the environment.

The root chakra, the 1st chakra, is often known as Muladhara. Once the energy is accessed, it enables the harnessing of courage, resourcefulness, and the strength to endure trying times. The Healanah ENERGY healing spray captures the unlimited potential of the root chakra and allows one to carry it with them and access the base chakra at all times of the day.

Although all seven chakras hold immense importance and share a connectivity which allows the body to excel within the natural world, it is important to balance the root chakra first to gain the stability needed to face hardship and accomplish true personal growth.

The most effective times to use the Healanah ENERGY healing spray occur when the root chakra may be weak.  The need to balance the Muladhara, or red chakra, is communicated through the physical body is often indicated through increase in weight, lower back pain, feeling of mistrust or instability, lack of confidence, etc. When these signs become apparent, Healanah healing chakra sprays make it possible to achieve balance.

By properly accessing the powers of the root chakra, the Healanah ENERGY healing spray gives way to a balanced Muladhara chakra, providing the feeling of safely, self-assuredness, and confidence. Have trust in the inner guidance of the body and draw energy from the strong foundation within the root chakra. The body is the vehicle for making  life experiences, and the Healanah ENERGY healing spray allows the mind and body to collective strengthen the root chakra to take charge of one’s life direction.

To purchase the Healanah ENERGY healing spray, visit the Healanah website at and begin the journey towards strengthening your roots.