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Healanah – Aromatherapy Sprays

Sarah created Healanah through an idea. After graduating with her Master’s in Entrepreneurship in France, she landed a job in Los Angeles to do Marketing for an app. Once she had settled in to the City, Sarah realized that her current path was different than the one she had initially chosen. Sarah discovered an old Japanese tradition called Reiki while on the mission to find spirituality and meaning. For those unfamiliar with the practice, Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient through touch. The apprenticeship of this art led Sarah to learn about the use of gemstones and essential oils that were used during traditional Reiki sessions.

The Healanah online store offers 8 healing sprays for you to choose from. The sprays were created by combining the art of aromatherapy and inner power of gemstones.  Each Healanah Aromatherapy Spray has a different purpose based on the state of mind you want to achieve. The Aromatherapy sprays that are offered by Healanah include: Abundance, Peace, Energy, Healing, Imagine, Pure, Love, and Enjoy.

Each Aromatherapy Spray is represented a specific color that is attached to a chakra. The human body is composed of seven different chakras, through which energy circulates. Once this energy is perfectly balances, and passes through each channel, is the body and mind at perfect equilibrium. The colors that represent the different Aromatherapy sprays include: Green, Red, Blue, Violet, Yellow, Pink, White, and Orange.

The Healanah Aromatherapy Sprays are also attached with a “mantra” which is meant to be recited three times either out loud or in your mind. The act of repeating the mantra will allow you to lift your vibration levels and release all the positive intentions from the use of the line of healing sprays.

The question will often come up on why there is a line of 8 sprays, but only 7 chakras to base them off. Sarah decided on having a line of 8 Aromatherapy Sprays because she couldn’t imagine not including a spray based on Love. Love is recognized as the underlying currency of the world we live in, and having only 7 chakras did not make this an issue.

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