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HEAL – Clarifying Third Eye Chakra Spray

The third eye chakra, also known as the sixth chakra or Ajna, is the body’s method of absorbing energy from both the inner and outer worlds. A well balanced and nourished sixth chakra opens the path to a sharp intuition, insight, and wisdom. Through a clear third eye chakra, the mind is able to develop a higher level of focus and consciousness that facilitates the notion of connectivity to the physical and spiritual world. Serving as the third eye, located in the forehead just above the brow, the sixth chakra is the mind’s eye to the world.

When the mind has difficulties connecting to the spiritual powers, or struggles to grasp the big picture of life, it could be an indicator of a weakened third eye chakra. The founder of Healanah has used her extensive knowledge of reiki and wellness to develop a sixth chakra spray which helps alleviate the symptoms of an unbalanced Ajna. The HEAL third eye chakra spray is concocted with a natural blend of lavender and sandalwood which enhance the extra-sensory perceptions experienced through a healthy third eye chakra.

There are several natural ways to achieve a clear sixth chakra and connect with the inner self and the HEAL third eye chakra spray helps increase their effectiveness. The Downward Facing Dog yoga pose is an easy way to gently activate the third eye has the body allows blood to flow to the head. The head stand, or Crown Chakra Yoga pose is another more difficult yoga pose which increases the activity within the third eye chakra, thus clearing the path towards clairvoyance and mental health. Try these yoga poses in conjunction with the HEAL healing chakra spray for the sixth chakra to further strengthen the third eye.

Another way to use the HEAL third eye chakra mist is during the morning before a calming meditation practice. While mediating to heal the third eye chakra, use motivating affirmations such as “I trust my intuition”, “I am the source of my truth”, and “I am connected to the wisdom of the universe”. By keeping these affirmations in mind, the body becomes attuned to maintaining a strong third eye chakra.

The HEAL third eye chakra spray is easily transportable so it may be used in work and school environments where a sharp intuition and insightfulness is crucial. Press the HEAL third eye chakra spray into pressure points and above the brow to activate the sixth chakra while on the go. Through these simple third eye chakra strengthening exercises with the HEAL third eye chakra mist, the mind is sure to deliver stronger waves of connectivity and wisdom.


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