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Thoughts That Destroy Your Happiness

We all have daily thoughts that lower our vibrations. We may not be even conscious of it since, since our brain is so used to putting ourselves in that mood. Once again it is all a question of mind awareness. Once you catch one those, you catch that thought and breath it out without forgetting to spray one of your Healanah’s chakra sprays to let go.

  • Perceiving yourself as victim.

Placing yourself as a victim in a situation is not accepting the consequences of your actions. Some situations are definitely more delicate than others based on the situation, but most of the time it is essential to accept the consequences to be able to grow and let go of our past mistakes. As we know everything is question of patterns. Same problems with different scenarios will keep happening until you accept the situation and grow for it.

  • Comparing yourself to others.

This is exactly the same as your practice of yoga. If you are comparing yourself to others, especially as a beginner you will feel like you are not good enough. Accept where you are at in life as well as in your yoga practice. Maybe your neighbor has more money than you, but it is simply because their path lead them there now. Your time will come. Just accept and be grateful for what you already have.

  • Expectations:

Expectations are a killer. You never know what the people think or see their reality, but what’s for sure is that it is never going to meet your standards. The more you let go of your expectations, the more you will be able to receive in peace.

  • Arguing to be right.

As we explained in our 21 day cleanse, being right will not take you anywhere. The opinion of the person in front of you will most likely not change based on your opinion. His set of thoughts comes from the whole lot of experiences in life. You won’t change his mind and will most likely waste your energies to a debate.

The conclusion is that we all have destroying thoughts. The real question is to learn to control and accept them to let go and be able to face the real version of us. We are enough. Meditation, yoga and chakra sprays will considerably help you in that path.

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