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Learn How to Say No.

Saying yes is so much easier than saying no. The real question is how do you feel every time you say yes. Do you say it because you’re scared of disappointing others or because you feel at peace with the decision?


Being scared of the judgment of others because you say no is typically a thought pattern that will lower your vibrations. Remember that every time you say yes to others without deeply wanting to do it, you say no to yourself and your priorities.


Time is limited in the society we live in. We have to learn to control it in order to bring balance, between work, home, significant other, kids and most importantly ourselves.


An amazing trick to redefine your priorities is to write down your absolute yes list. Use a quiet moment to breathe, spray some of your favorite Healanah chakra spray around your aura, and write down your priorities. The list at will you will always say yes. This will help you in the process of saying no and define what can be let go off.


Once this is done, you have to be aware that whenever you say no, there is absolutely no reason for yourself to feel guilty or justify yourself. Simply be honest and things will flow. The more you will practice saying no, the easier it will get.


  1. Keep track of how many times you say no and how many times you said yes for things that weren’t on your “yes list.” Add a comment next to each times you said yes or no and notice how you felt about it.


  1. At the end of the week, add up the number of times you say yes or no and reflect on it. Writing down is a good way to reflect honestly on your week.


  1. Finally, when you feel ready, make a list of things you’d say no to.


At first you may feel guilty saying no, but on the long run you will feel better about yourself. Keep checking with your internal self and listen to that small voice inside your head called intuition. It will always lead you to the right path.


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