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How To Clear Your Crystals & Set New Intentions


Crystals are solid body formed geometrically as the Earth was formed. They are known to have esoteric properties. To get the most out of your gemstones, you have to treat them with care and love, as you would treat a kid. The more you give to your stones, the more they give you back.


To receive healing energy from your stones, you have to understand their properties. Clearing and programing your crystals will help you connect to their essence. You will create a relationship with them. Slowly as your intuition develop, they will communicate with you. Gemstones are known to have a cellular memory of the past, as well as the ability to transform the energy from negative to positive. They are alchemist.


5 Powerful Ways to Clear Your Crystals:


  • Smudge them with Sage.

White sage has powerful anti-bacterial properties. As ancestral native-Americans traditions taught us, burning sage have the power to clear negative energies. Your stones will thank you for it.


  • Place them on a grid.

A grid is a sacred geometrical form that you create on with your stones. The most common one is a round shape with a powerful stone in a middle. The grid will allow the stones to charge with one another. They create a powerful circle of energy where they take care of one another.


  • Print a picture of a flower of life and place your stones on it.

Crystals love sacred geometry. Placing your stones on a table cloth with a picture of a a flower life or a simple picture will help your stones connect to one another and recharge on this powerful image.

flower of life


  • Leave them under the moon

The moon, which is known for its feminine energies is essential is the process of charging your crystals. On the night of the full moon, leave your stones outside, setting the intention that they will absorb and recharge with the moon.


  • Bath them into water overnight with a couple drop of Healing.

Leave your crystals outside one night bathing into water. Mist a couple time your Healanah chakra spray Healing into the water. The infusion of lavender and sandalwood will sweeten the water for a perfect clearing.


Programming Your Crystals:


This is a moment where you connect to your crystals on a deeper level. Start by a quick meditation connecting to your quiet self. Once your crystal cleared, hold them one of after the other and set intentions for each and every one of them. Make sure to set intentions related to the properties of the gemstone. For example, your rose quarts can be to add love in your life or your aventurine to bring abundance from the heart and soul.

Repeat that intention at least three times as a powerful mantra.


On top of giving love to your stones, you are slowly opening your heart chakra. Misting some love in the process will help you connecting to your heart during the process. Enjoy !!





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