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Bring more Gemstones into your Life.  

I am sure that as everyone else, you saw hundreds trendy pictures of stones on Instagram. At first it might appear as just stones but the more you learn about them, the more you get their meaning and powers.

Stones have a soul as all human beings do. They have a memory of the past and the power to come back to life when they are properly taken care of. As you get gemstones, it is essential to cherish them. There are a couple rituals that you can introduce into the lives of your stones. First you should regularly bath them overnight into clean water or salter water. Many people drink the water the next morning, since it is charged with the energies of the stones and the healing properties of the water will be enhanced. I highly recommend it to recharge quickly.

Once the water has cleared the stones, leave them to charge under sun and the full moon. Gemstones are like us they need the Yang energies from the sun and the Yin from the moon to be fully balanced. It goes without adding that the time that you give to replenish the energies of your stones is a time where you are giving. And, as we all know you will not receive unless you give. The more you offer time and care to your gemstones, the more they will give it back to you.

Choosing your gemstones is the tricky part since there are thousands of them out there. The best advice that I would give is to follow your intuitions. If a gemstone really attracts you, it most likely means that you need some of its energies into your life. Another great way to choose the right stones for you is to follow the list attached to your birthstones. Based on our date of birth and astrological signs, certain gemstones are more recommended than others.

For example the birthstones for Cancer are: moonstone, ruby, rose quartz …

Based on your choice of gemstones, they will bring you what you need at that moment in your life. They will heal your traumas and help you rebalance. They are also very powerful tools during meditation for protection, love or abundance depending on what you need or decide to call in.

All of Healanah’s chakras sprays are gemstones infused which can also help in the charging of your stones. As you spray your chakra spray around your aura, you should mist some on your stones to clear them or enhance their powers.

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