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Get on the Moon’s Dance-Floor for the Strawberry Full Moon

As we all know it is all about the present moment, but today you live a very special day that happens once every seventy years. The full moon and summer solstice coincide on our calendar, which means that we should be celebrating all day.

During the day, we should celebrate the sun that enlightens us for over 17 hours of daylight and at night we bless the full moon, which happens to be a strawberry moon this month of June.

The name strawberry moon stands for the full moon in June. It is directly correlated to the beginning of the strawberry seasons. As berries are sweet and tender this full moon encourages harvesting the seeds that have been hammered this past couple months. It is the time where your projects flourish.

Full moon rituals have been practiced all over the world by different cultures such as Hindus in Bali or Azteca in South America. Creating your own ritual for the Full Moon / Solstice is a beautiful way to thank the moon for its presence, in order to receive its full healing powers.

For those that did not plant their ideas and seeds during the past moons, it is also a good time to do it, in order to see your projects flourish within the next couple of weeks.

If you are by yourself for your ritual here is what you can do tonight. Set a confortable meditation place outside, under the moon. Bring blanket, music, Healanah’s chakra sprays and stones to charge them under the beautiful light of the moon. Chant om as many times as you feel is needed. Do a meditation connecting to the moon and setting your intentions. For those who feel like dancing, go for it … Dance and let go of all the negatives by offering it to the Earth that will transform it into magical lives.

Happy Solstice / Strawberry Moon Everyone.


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