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A Time For Romance With The Full Moon in Pisces

A full moon eclipse in the sign of Pisces is happening today at 3:05 PM (EST). The moon in this position brings us the opportunity to develop our sense of spirituality, open our third eye and enhance our feeling of compassion.

The fact that the moon in in Pisces also increase the chances of finding the true relationship that you are looking for as long as you work on letting go of your inner fears.

The magic behind the full moon is that it is giving us the chance to cleanse ourselves and relieve fears or any blockages from the past to open our hearts with care and love. This is our chance to forgive ourselves and accept any person that had hurt us in the past.

Take time today to go back on the painful relationships that you had in the past and try to notice a pattern either on your side or with your partner. Reflecting on those patterns and particularly in writing will help you let go and surrender to unconditional love.

Being aware that this full moon is the time for romantic openings will help you to move forward by being willing to fall again, enjoying more intense connections or taking a risk.

To do so, take some time for a meditation today. Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight. Spray some Pure to clear your aura at the beginning of your session. Focus on your breathing and visualize your breath going to the part of your body that the most tense. If your mind wanders go back to your breath.
Once you feel relaxed and at one with your higher self, set your intentions for this full moon, ranging from letting go of fears to visualizing your perfect relationship.
End your session with spraying one of Healanah chakra sprays that talk to you the moon to rebalance the chakra in need.

As we already said, visualizing is key to manifesting your inner desires. Focus on your dream relationship and see it as you had it already. Visualize your dream house with your dream partner. Feel how it would be like to be with him / her for a regular morning in that magical place of yours.

Believe in your magic and trust the universe and full moon to make it happen. The full moon is the reconciliation between the sun and the moon, it is the time of the month were the yin and yang energies are in balance. Therefore, as your body is a representation of the macrocosm it will align in the same way if you surrender to those beautiful healing energies.

Happy Full Moon Everyone.

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