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Why connecting to Gaya, or Mother Earth ?

We tend to forget that we are all kids of Mother Earth. Being a few days away from International Earth Day, we have decided to set our focus on the importance of our connection to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth, also called Gaya, is what represents our connection to the feminine. This is very important to remember that both men and women are constituted of both feminine and masculine energies. It is only when we find the perfect balance between the two, that the oneness can be reached. In the meantime, being aware of our feminine and masculine energies will help us set intentions to reach the perfect equilibrium.

Mother Earth relates to our root chakra, or our lowest chakra. The color attached to it is red. This precisely where the fears are accumulated over time. Connecting to our root and the Earth will enhance our ability to let go our fears and reinstate a balance with our roots. For most people that grew up in a dysfunctional family, your chance of having an unbalanced root chakra is higher, since as we just explained it refers to our roots. Healing it will help to reconnect to our family in a healthier and more stable way.

To reconnect to Mother Earth, there are a few techniques, but one of the most efficient way is to start by a 21 day cleanse in which you will thank the Earth for supporting you, for gravity, and for welcoming you ever since you were born. This will take only a couple seconds per day. Before doing your meditation, or going to sleep, take a couple seconds to focus on why you are thankful to the Earth. During that same time, grab your Healanah Energy spray, a delicious blend of ylang-ylang and cinnamon that will enhance your connection to the magic world.

More to come about our different healing sprays next week …

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