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Why Imagination is key to success ?

Imagination is the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or other senses. In many cases, we associate imagination to kids, and their imaginary friend or castle full of magic princesses and white horses.

The truth is, we all cultivate our imagination independently of our age. It is simply a question of how you use it. Some will call it anxiety other will call it creativity.

As Deepak Chopra said: “ The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety.” Once again it is all a question of mind awareness and inner desire. Thru meditation and other healing techniques such as reiki, you can reset your way of thinking to liberate yourself from negative thinking and emphasize on the positive.

Positive thinking will enhance the ability of one self to imagine.

Have you ever heard about The Secret? The Secret is a magical documentary now on Netflix, explaining the Law of Attraction. For those who are not familiar with the law of attraction, it explains that your thoughts and words have a strong power. You can manifest everything you deeply desire into your life by simply calling it, and visualizing it everyday for approximately two minutes.

Visualizing is part of imagination. At first it might be hard since we have blocked our sense of visualization since childhood, but the good news is that the more you practice it, the more it will flow naturally.

Another tip when it comes down to developing your imagination ability is the coloring of mandala. The use of colors relate to a chakra and have a powerful healing power.

To recap, start by writing down what you deeply want in your future. Then take two minutes a day to visualize it. The use of Healanah’s Imagine spray will definitely help you in the process.

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