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What are the Benefits of a Hippy Festival?

We all see thousands of pictures of Burning Man or Lightning in a Bottle popping up on our Instagram feed. On those beautiful pictures, you can see the art, nature, or #skyporn,  but still it is a enormous step to take to actually decide to camp or sleep on the floor for a week to simply participate at a festival.

Coming back from Lightning in a Bottle, I really understood the benefits of those festivals. Yes the dirt and the conditions are hard but it is definitely worth it.

Those new Woodstock are essential to reconnect to your true self for a couple reasons:

  • Nature: You are finally close to nature, far from your crazy iphones bipping every 10 seconds. You can listen to your environment and connect to your surroundings.
  • Crowd: The crowds that those festivals attract make you believe in humanity all over again. People are simply smiley, open and happy to connect for a brief exchange and sincerely connect. Nobody asks you what you do. The small talks are more centered on the present moment.
  • Helps you appreciate little things. Believe me after a couple days in the desert every act that you would take for granted at home such as a shower or a cup of water becomes a blessing. On a minute basis, you remember to be grateful for everything you have.
  • Live in the present moment. Once again, you can try your phone as much as you want but most likely you will be out of reception. So, you have to be in the moment since your usual Instagram or Snapchat distraction is out of the question.
  • Giving/ Exchanging: Since money is not as present there as it is in our daily basis, you re-discover the pleasure of giving to people. You could give anything from a bobby pin to your new friend dancing next to you to a couple mists of Healanah’s chakra sprays
    during a hot dancing day. The pleasure that you get out of giving is incomparable to any other kind of pleasures.

This is definitely what you get out of those festivals but the magic is that it keeps unfolding when you get home. Those festivals are definitely changing your perception on life. You come back a better person.

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