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Overcoming Insomnia with Natural Remedies

This past week we have received a couple requests from our dear readers on how to overcome insomnia with our chakra sprays, since they are based on essential oils. The goal of Healanah’s chakra sprays is to raise vibrations and send healing to the chakra that need it the most. Insomnia as any other condition, it is linked to energy blockages or a chi stagnation. We have to keep those energies moving for a perfect circulation and balance. Therefore, we came up with a couple simple tricks to use when you cannot fall asleep or wake up in the middle of night.

  1. Healing Healanah’s Chakra Spray.

Healing is a delicious blend of lavender and sandalwood infused with amethyst. Mist this delicious blend all over your bed before you go to sleep. Take a minute as you are spraying it to focus on setting intentions for the night. Do mindfully. Make sure that your mind is focus on the present moment and on your intentions as you are spraying Healing on your bed.

Lavender is known for its calming and smoothing effects. Sandalwood is reputed for its ability to bring love and peace. The combination of both will allow you to let yourself fall asleep in a relaxed, loving and peaceful way.

  1. Place your Stones under your Pillow.

Similarly to essential oils, gemstones have strong healing properties. The recommended selection of stones to place under your pillow for a peaceful night is amethyst, black tourmaline and rose quartz.

Amethyst has the power to bring clarity of mind and calm your third eye. It will help in the process of falling asleep.

Black tourmaline is a very protective stone. It will avoid all unwanted energies to come around during your night. Finally rose quartz will bring love. The combination of rose quartz and black tourmaline is famous to avoid nightmares.


  1. Repeat your Mantra.

Fist pick a mantra such as: “I will sleep like a baby tonight” or “I have the inner power to heal myself and my surroundings.” Let your imagination go in terms of the mantra you pick. Once you picked your line, repeat it as many times as you feel when you get into bed. If you feel like it is still hard to fall asleep keep repeating it until you loose count and slowly get into your magical restful night.


Enjoy a peaceful and restful night …

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