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Organize your Closet for your Mind

Throw it all on the floor and start organizing your closet. It sounds boring but it is an amazing tool to clear your mind and soul.

Your home is your interior, your sanctuary. Once the principles of healing and alternatives medicine is accepted, we all know that if you have some energies blockages, you might end up developing chronic pain or diseases due to the lack of energies circulating. It is exactly the same principle with your closet.

We all have some old clothes that we haven’t worn in a year or two (if not more) but when it comes down to gating rid of it we start developing some anxiety and find some purpose to everything. If you are honest with yourself, you do not need it. Giving it to goodwill or selling it, is a way to let energies move around your house. The same principle is explained in Feng Shui principles or the Jewish religion.

For example in the Jewish religion, once a year for Passover or Easter, you have to completely empty your house and closets from Hametz, a food forbidden during the Jewish Easter. This is way to clear your home at least once a year.

As summer is coming up, it is easy to organize our closets to take down our summer clothes and organize our winter ones.

Play around with your closet. Keep this idea in mind that energy has to move. Another great way to make sure that this happens, is to pick a week and wear only clothes that you have not touched in years. If they really matter for you, enjoy them.

Once your closet and home is organized, do not forget to purify your home with a meditation calling peace and love in this home. Begin your meditation with the use of Pure. It’s delicious blend of peppermint, tea tree and Juniper oil.

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