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Manifest Love into your life, with your healing spray.

We are all looking for more LOVE into our life. Love does not only include relationship. You can also count in: relationships with your family, friends or simply more smiling people in the streets. When you start asking for more love, it is amazing how things just unfold to satisfy your inners desires.

The first step to manifesting love is changing your focus. Instead of focusing on what others believe or think of you, start looking at yourself and what you want and desire. Understanding that our happiness and loving emotions won’t come from any other people than us first is key to manifesting more love into our life. If we do not love ourselves, then I am sure that anyone will be able to love us in a healthy way.

Loving ourselves seems like a climbing the Mount Everest at first but the truth is that it happens slowly and surely by reciting mantra all day long as every time you feel like your confidence is going down. The proverb: “fake it until you make it” will become your best ally. At first you might say some mantras such as I love myself and not take yourself seriously, but slowly overtime you will grow into this thought process to actually believe what you are saying.

This is the principle of the morphic field, which is an energy field created and added to by resonance. All consciousness has a form and every form creates an energy resonance within and around it. In this context, resonance refers to not only physical forms but to thoughts, behaviors, cultures, collectives, etc., which vibrate in sympathy with each other. This sympathetic resonance actually increases the intensity of that vibration.

To be more precise you can use this value of the morphic field to try something new, such as manifiesting love for yourself and others. Every modality has a blossoming resonance which you can take advantage of by consciously connecting to its morphic field. In doing so, its benefits will be amplified for you as you vibrate, or resonate, with the information held within its field. Therefore, every word that comes out of your mouth and every thought that passes through your brain has the power to create your environment. If you strongly desire to manifest love and repeat the mantra: “ I fully express my love to myself, the universe and my dear ones.” You will slowly create this environment for yourself by connecting to its morphic field.

Therefore, at various times during the day, spray some of your Healanah’s healing spray around your aura and repeat this same mantra to connect to your loving self and manifest love into your life with the power of essential oils and gemstones.

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