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How to Create a Peaceful Bubble for Yourself

We live in a society that tend to drive us into conflicts. We fight with the taxi driver that complains about how Uber stole their business during the whole trip. We get into an argument at the coffee shop with the person in front of us that runs to the door to get in front of us in the line. I am not even talking about traffic and how we get into constant fights with ourselves.

Those are simply patterns that we can break. It is a question of self-awareness. Everything that we live, feel or believe in in our life is question of perception. We can also see it as a mirror. Our brain perceives things based on our knowledge, past experiences and even past lives. The moment we decide that we want a more peaceful life things start to open up toward that inner desire.

This choice is not an easy one to make. Fighting isn’t easy. It is the way we have been trained to evolve in this society, but the moment you break out of this pattern you allow your higher-self to express itself and your essence to rise.

To break out of these patterns there a couple tricks that can be used. The first one is to observe yourself and your behaviors. Every time you noticed that some anger arise within yourself, journal it later that day. It will help you figure out the triggers.

The trigger is what is going to help you get rid of that same pattern. The more you know yourself, the more you can control.

Once you kept an updated journal and understood your triggers, set intentions during your meditation to let go of whatever creates that angry feeling. The use of Healanah’s healing spray, Peace before and after your meditation will help you raise your vibrations and calm down the anger, to bring you back into a peaceful state of mind.

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