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How to call abundance with Healanah’s Healing Sprays?

Abundance is our healing spray related to the heart chakra. Again, a chakra is a vortex of energy. The color associated to the heart is green. In the society we live in, we all have the high tendency to put our heart on locked down. We’re all facing a high quantity of stresses that will make us block our emotions and forget about the present moment. Think of that moment when you are stuck in traffic, and someone cuts you off; we’ve all been there and curse that same person who cut us off.


Each word that comes out of your mouth has consequences. The more you will get mad, the more it will lower down your vibrations.

To prove my point, you can do a quick exercise in front of your laptop:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Take three long and deep breathings.
  3. Picture a very happy moment.
  4. Take a couple seconds to observe how you feel.


Now, do the same exercise, but instead of picturing a happy moment, visualize a sad and painful passage of your existence. And, once again, observe how you feel.


Most likely, you should feel your pain in certain area of your body, which will be correlated to a chakra that you can heal by breathing and using Healanah’s essential oils.



Abundance from the heart is what makes us human. What are we without feelings? To unlock the different blockages that accumulate in your heart area, there are several tips. The first one is to take a second and breathe before getting mad in any situation. The second is to repeat this mantra: “I am grateful and open the door to abundance” And the third step is to spray Abundance around your aura. The essential oils and gemstones concentrated in that bottle are the perfect combination to relieve your stress and open the door to abundance from the heart, which means emotions, empathy and love. On the long run, opening this door will also allow you to welcome money into your life. The abundance of money cannot be called without an open heart. Money flows with positive emotions.


More to come about our different healing sprays in our next blog post.


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