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Enhance Your Yoga Practice With a Chakra Spray

In almost any yoga studio you visit nowadays, you can inhale incense or a delicious blend of essential oils. If not most teachers are now using essential oils or chakra sprays for you to smell during Shavasana (final relaxation).


Yoga is more than a physical practice. Yoga means union between the physical and the magical worlds. It is a way to connect your mind body and spirit into one. Practicing yoga without a certain stillness of the mind won’t allow you to get the full effect out of your practice. The use of essential oils or chakra sprays will allow you to let go of this constant flow of thoughts and reach stillness before, during and after your sets of asanas.


Like Yoga, Aromatherapy has the same power of reaching stillness by diffusing a couple mists of your favorite chakra spray. For example, misting Peace, a delicious blend of lavender and clarisage before your practice will help you reinforce that connection.


3 ways to you your chakra spray during your practice:


Purifying: Consider your chakra spray as if you were saging yourself. We all know that sage have a strong power when it comes down to clearing negative energies. Pure has the same power and will help you start your practice pure and clear. Don’t hesitate to over spray yourself.


Clearing your Mat: During our practice we all have our faces on our mat more that once. Using the chakra spray of your choice will help your yoga mat to be cleared and smell whichever essential oils you need for that day. Personally, I love to spray Love, which is a delicious blend of rose oil during my practice. Every time I get close to my mat I am directly reconnected to my heart with the smell of rose.


Grounding: After shavasana, it is always good to reground yourself into the physical world. The use of Energy will help you reconnect to Mother Earth almost instantly and keep that feeling of grounding all day long.

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