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Discover the power of essential oils in a bottle: Pure.

Healanah started when I first encounter a spiritual journey. I first discovered the power of reiki, stones and essential oils. The combination of those three magical practices led me to create a product that reunites the three of them into one bottle.

Each of Healanah’s sprays is made out of love and positive intentions. Each sprays is Reiki empowered and charged up by the power of the energies of gemstones and essential oils.

Each healing spray, or aura spray is related to a chakra. A chakra is a vortex of energy. There are seven different ones proper to each being on this planet. Some imbalances in one of your chakra can lead to certain diseases or discomforts. The disease come from the fact that a blockage is created into a specific location of your body and does not let the energy flow freely as it should. In Chinese Medicine, we would say that the chi, or vital energy of our body couldn’t flow into the meridians causing diseases or discomforts.

To give you a better example, the healing spray Pure is assigned to the crown chakra, which is the vital energy that you receive at top of your head. The essential oils such as Juniper, Tea Tree or Peppermint concentrated in the aura spray, when misted around your aura will raise your vibrations and help you let go of the chaos in your mind that can sometime lead to confusion and lack of focus.
Pure can be used under any circumstances but more particularly at the office to call in and help for focus and clarity of the mind. It will emerge you into a world of delicious smells.

More about to come about our different sprays in our next blog post …


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