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Creating an Altar in your Home.

There are many benefits to creating an altar in your home. One of the strongest advantages is that your altar is a link between the physical and the spirit worlds that is physically manifested into your home. It is a way to express what is most important to you and which goals or dreams you would like to achieve. It fills your space with your unique spiritual energy.

Your altar once set up will be used for meditation, prayers or chanting. It will be your own space. Be creative while setting it up. Here are three important tips on how to set up your home altar.

  • Clear the Space.

Before setting up your altar, think of a space in your home where you will see your altar regularly. It will remind you of that time of meditation and prayers during your day. Once you found the perfect spot, clear the space by smudging, using incenses, or your Pure Healanah chakra spray. Make it a ritual. Every time you will sit in front of your altar, remember to clear it. It will allow the energies to circulate freely to reach a place of peace.

  • Select Sacred Items.

Independently of your religion, pick items that speak to your mind and soul. It can range from a picture or statute of Shivah, Buddha or Jesus. Their presence will reinforce the connection between the spirit and the physical worlds. Buy a candle and incorporate it into your sacred space. Candles represent the five elements. A magic box with your stones on it will also be a way to mark your dreams down into the spirit world. Finally, for those that are into stones do not hesitate to add a couple on your magical space.

  • Organize

It is highly recommended to program each item on your sacred space by holding them in your hands and set intentions on their purpose on the altar. There is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you follow your intuitions. Speak from your hear while doing it and it will come naturally.

Once your space is set up, make sure to do a daily meditation in front of your altar. The sacred energy you created will remind you of your highest spiritual intentions.

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    • I love your blog and your stories. C.J. is so lucky and you are so brave to fight this fight, that he may not even be aware of yet. I am proud of you and so indpries. It warms the heart to know that people like you exist.

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