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Scientists all agree that we are using 10% of our brain capacities. What if by training ourselves via meditation we could increase our brain capacities? When you think about it, ancient traditions such as Chinese Medicine or Shamanic traditions in Peru have been aware for hundred thousands of years of many capacities that we forgot in the Western World.

How can we explain that 5,000 years shamans already knew apothecary without labs and trainings? They are specialized in the concoction of a brew called Ayahuesca, which is also locally called “the television of the nature.” Ayahuesca is a hallucinogenic potion prepared in the amazon. In order to concoct it, shamans have to choose between thousands of different plants in the rain forest. Once again, without labs or advanced scientific techniques they have the power to recognize the right plants to create their brew or simply heal people.

The simple explanation to their magical power is that they are aligned with their powers. Recently several monks have been clinically monitored during their meditation. Western doctors have realized that their serotonin was incredibly high during and after their meditation. Serotonin is a liquid secreted in the brain while meditating or taking hallucinogenic drugs such as Ayahuesca. This same liquid could be the reason why monks and other meditative people can access certain powers that us in the western world lost. During a high state of meditation serotonin allows the opening of the third eye, our door to the “magic world.” This study definitely shows that all humans that we are, can access powers that we forgot about by simply bringing ourselves back to a meditative state.

I believe that one of the most magical capacities that we can access via meditating is the concept of healing others and ourselves. The more you meditate the more you observe what is happening within yourself. By first, contemplating you understand how your body works and how blockages of energy at some places can create diseases or pain. Focusing on this energy within you will help in the process of healing. Accessing our healing powers is unbelievable since we can help people in ways that we never imagined before. Several techniques such as reiki, gemstones or essential oils can help in this process.

If you decide to go on this beautiful journey of healing yourself, the use of our chakra spray Healing will be a precious help. Healing is a delicious blend of sandalwood and lavender, which will facilitate the process of releasing the serotonin in your brain to access the hidden capacities of your brain.

More to come about different healing sprays and healing techniques in our next blog post …

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