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Call in Success and Abundance with a Mudra

Anyone that has taken a speech class at school knows that your body language is as important as your choice of language. A smile or a look can say so much more than actual words. In India, gestures are used as a support for meditation. In Sanskrit, the art of folding your fingers is called “Mudras.” Their main goal is to help humans to connect to their divine self.

Mudras are used as said, during meditation, yoga or dances. Yoga means the union between the visible and the invisible. Mudras have the same purposes.

Based on the Mudras chosen, you can attract and manifest different things into your life. Our focus today is on the Mudra of success and abundance.


This Mudra activates your inner power of success. It will rebalance the flow of energy and material well-being. Once again, as in every white magic act, money will not overflow. It will come in the right amount and at the right time, enough to feel prosperity and well-being.

How to do the Mudra?

Mist around your aura your Healanah’s abundance chakra spray and repeat three times the mantra: “ I am grateful and open the door to abundance.”

Put your two hands in front of you face up. As most yoga teachers explain, when your hands are face up, you open yourself to receiving from above and below.

Close your eyes and focus onto your breathing circles. If you feel like your mind cannot surrender to the posture, count during your inspiration and expirations.

Once you surrendered to your quiet-self, stay in that meditative state for two to three minutes.

Ideally, this ritual should be repeated in the morning and at night for optimal results.

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