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After all, it is all about being “light”.

Life is too short to be heavy and anxious all the times. I read this book that changed my perception of life: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He clearly explains the importance of focusing on the present moment. We tend to all forget that what matters is now and here. We are all caught up in the millions of little things that we have to do on top of our work, and personal life. There is not one moment where our mind is in peace if we do not work on our daily meditation or exercises to bring us back to the present moment.

Healanah’s healing spray: Enjoy has for main goal to bring you right back to now. Its blend of citrus scents along with its mantra will help you reconnect to the present moment. When you think about it, you do not have any problems at the current moment. Take a minute to think of what bothers you at this moment. Do not project to tomorrow when you have to pick up you stepmother at the airport or the cleaner that you forgot to pick up for a week. Bring all your focus to now. You will quickly realize that now you are free, you are spiritual and enlightened being that can breath and think in peace. The vision of our problems is simply related to our perception of things.

If you use the power of your mind to focus on your breathing and yourself in the present moment you will feel free from your daily chores. Our healing spray enjoy will help you liberate those fears located in your solar plexus. Repeat the associated mantra: “I recognize the power of now. I am Happy” and enjoy the power of essential oils to help you reconnect to your inner self.

On top of connecting to your lighter self, you will enhance your digestion system, which can easily lead to blockages in the solar plexus and feel the benefits instantly.

Leave us some comments to share your experiences with your Enjoy healing spray.

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