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A Mist Away From More Energy, Abundance, & Peace

As we said in our previous blog post on the art of aromatherapy, it has been used for ages but the real question remains how to implement it on a daily basis. We already saw, that healing can bring a better sleep, Pure can relieve a headache, Imagination will help in the creative process and Enjoy in a happier and more balanced life. What else can aromatherapy can bring in our life?


  • Grounding and better connection to the Earth with Energy

Energy is a delicious blend of ylang ylang and cinnamon. It will help you recreate that lost energy with our beautiful Mother Earth. The Earth has this power of grounding. Visualize a tree. Most likely you will only picture the visible part for us humans, which is the part that is coming out of the Earth. We tend to forget that trees have roots that are implement under the Earth. We as humans function similarly. The link to the Earth might be invisible, but for any being that wants to reach inner balance, we need to develop that grounding. Energy will help you in the process during your meditation.


Visualize money as an exchange of energy coming from your heart chakra. Opening your heart will help you in the process of letting go of this fear of not having money coming in. Once you surrender to the idea that money is a simple exchange of energy, ego is not apart of the equation in your different transactions. Spraying abundance regularly during your day will help you reconnect to that idea and implement it in your daily life to open the door to abundance.


  • Be Impeccable With Your Words with Peace

Peace is the chakra spray that has been designed for the throat charka. This amazing blend of lavender and clary sage will help you reminder that your words have to be impeccable according to the Four Tolteque Agreements, by Miguel Ruiz. This principle of not having a clean throat and parole is present is all religions and systems of beliefs. Criticizing or judging will only lower you down.


Chakra sprays are blends of essential oils and gemstones that will help you in the process of raising your vibrations. If you believe that any of them have properties that we forgot to mention please leave us a comment. Love & Light.



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