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A Mist Away From a Better Sleep, a Happier Life & More …


The art of aromatherapy have been proven over the years for its medicinal properties. Essential oils can used to cure headaches, insomnia, depression, addiction, cramps and so much more. The real question is how to implement it in your life. Which oil to choose and when depending your symptoms?

  1. A Mist of Healing for a Better Sleep.

Healing is our purple spray directly related to the third eye, our chakra located in between our two eyebrows. This delicious mixture of lavender and sandalwood infused with amethyst will take you in a deep sleep, and help you surrender to the state of relaxation. The best advice we can give you is to mist it on your pillow before you go to sleep. The smell will take you directly to Morpheus’ arms.

  1. Relieve your Headache with Pure.

Pure is our chakra spray related to the crown chakra. As we previously mentioned in several blog posts, Pure has a purifying property. It can be used to clear energies in a room, but it can also and mainly be used to clear your own energies and particularly the ones attached to your crown, the top of your head. Your headache is most likely related to an over-heat in your brain, due to a lack a relaxation and a constant flow of thoughts. Letting go of those thoughts with the help of a Pure, or a blend of Juniper, Peppermint and tea tree oils will calm your headache. Spray it around your aura as well as on a piece of cloth and smell it until the first symptoms are relieved.

  1. Find Inspiration with Imagine.

We all have this moment where our inspiration is blocked. Our left and logical brain is taking over and does not let us flow as we usually do. Spray some Imagination here and there during your day. Keep repeating the mantra: “I expand and embrace my imagination and creativity.” regularly and slowly your magical right brain will do the work.

       4.     Happier Life with Enjoy.

The solar plexus is the chakra located in our diaphragm. It is also commonly called the sun of our body. In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the liver (located right next to the solar plexus) is responsible for regulating emotions. If the solar plexus and liver are not properly balanced, it will play with your mood and emotions. Happy will help you find that sense of balanced. All you have to do is to regularly spray it on your clothes or around yourself when you feel that your vibrations are lowering during the day.


More to come next week on the magical effects of essential oils & Healanah Chakra Sprays …


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