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5 Rituals to Guarantee Best Sleep Ever.

In the crazy stressed out world we live in, it is easy to be sleep deprived or slowly become insomniac. The tons of bad habits that we accumulated over time such as falling asleep with our laptop, checking Instagram before going to sleep, or binging on TV shows in bed all day lead us to forget how holy sleeping actually is.

Sleeping is a sacred time for yourself to re-equilibrate your soul. In the Jewish religion they believe that when you’re sleeping it is time for your Neshama (soul) to go to the heaven to replenish your batteries. If you look into Chinese Medicine is the same principle.

Not having equilibrated sleeping patterns will make it harder to reach a sense of balance in your meditations and spiritual practices.

5 Simple rituals to improve your sleep:

  • Make your room sacred:

Stop chilling in bed when it not the time to go to sleep. You are confusing your mind. When babies don’t make their nights, we are trying to implement some rituals for them to intuitively understand when it is time to sleep based on habits and place. Do the same thing with you. Your room is to sleep nothing else.

Do not hesitate to sage your room before going to bed, as it will let go of the negative energies of the room to assure a peaceful night.

  • Unplug:

Try to stay away from technology for at least one to two hours before going to bed. Your thoughts are going to be cleared and your dreams more positive.

  • Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline under your pillow:

The combo of black tourmaline and rose quartz are to prevent nightmares. It heals your heart while protecting you in your sleep. Having their close to you will give you a feeling of security during your night while amethyst will bring you clarity of the mind. Amethyst will also help in the process of falling asleep.

Do not forget to get your stones back during the day and charge them on your altar or under the sunlight for them to be fully recharged.

Lavender is an essential oil that calms the spirit and mind. It will help you find a sense of peace before falling asleep. As we already said, rituals are keys. Every night, chose a chakra spray with a lavender based such as Peace or Healing that you mist on your pillows and bed. That delicious smell will help you in the process of falling asleep as well.

  • Bring on Natural Lights:

Our sleep cycles are dictated by our body’s internal clock. We are therefore intrinsically connected to the sun circles. Invest in a lamp that will rise as the sun does or simply try to let more sun come into your room in the morning to rebalance fully your sleep patterns.

Have a good night and don’t forget to leave your comments …


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