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ENJOY – Balancing Yellow Chakra Spray

Solar Plexus Chakra SprayThe Solar Plexus Chakra – also known as the third chakra, yellow chakra, and Manipura – is located between the navel and solar plexus. The solar plexus chakra harnesses the core of the body’s personal power; it enhances the sense of self and serves as the center of willpower.

Experience an increase in confidence. Gain inner strength to pursue life-long aspirations. Strengthen your inner fire.

The ENJOY Healanah Healing Chakra Spray is concocted with a blend of Petit-grain and grapefruit essential oils, allowing the body to shed away fears and dark thoughts as it opens the doors to inner joy and success. ENJOY Healanah Healing Spray embodies the powers of the third chakra and brings balance to the core while continuing to radiate throughout the body.

Harness the natural powers of the Earth and open the path towards self-acceptance and self-confidence through the timeless cosmic blend of ENJOY Healanah Healing Chakra Spray and allow the Yellow Chakra to shine like the Sun.


Healanah offers a line of eight unique chakra sprays which embrace the powers of gemstone & grounding herbs and flowers to enhance and balance the 7 chakras of the human body. Carry the ENJOY Healanah Chakra Spray to use during moments of self-doubt or insecurity to rejuvenate the Solar Plexus and restore inner power. The Healanah Chakra Sprays can also be used in conjunction with the art of yoga to bring both a physical and sensual sense of clarity. The ENJOY Healanah Chakra Spray can uncover empowering thoughts and feelings when paired with the Warrior Pose.

Discover a more simple, balanced way of life and gain control over the body by opening the senses with Healanah’s Healing Chakra Sprays