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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.


A recent Harvard study came to the conclusion that belonging to a community help you live longer, independently of how much suffering or hygiene of life.

These past decades our civilization in the Western world lost that proper sense of community. Most people live their homes when they are teens for college and do not come back because life take them somewhere else for a job, or wedding. This process cut us from our roots and the basic sense community. We get to big cities and feel very lonely as we lost that sense of belonging to a specific social group.


When we think about it, ancient traditions or Eastern countries are very attached to their community. My yoga teacher, a local Balinese explained to me that communal life is essential over there. Whichever problems come along their lives, they have a basic support system that makes life easier.


To take another example, in Judaism, when you suffer from a loss in the family, the community from your temple is coming to the house of the grieving family for seven nights in a row to support them.


That basic system of community is essential. If your initial community is not the one where you feel the most welcomed, it’s not a problem. The idea is to find a group of people in whom you feel like you are fitting such as a yoga or Hinduist community if that what attracts you at the moment.


Here are the 4 basic benefits of belonging to community:


  • Sense of belonging:

As human beings, we are intrinsically social. We need interactions to feel that we exist. Being part of a community will reinforce that feeling.


  • Mental Support:

In case of any pain or suffering, the help of others is key. At one point we might refuse that help but the day we want to feel better and leave that depression state of mind we have to accept interactions. A community will bring us back up and help in that process of bearing the unbearable.


  • Specific knowledge:

As a community you influence each other. The participation of different people in a group creates a collective consciousness that will bring the group up. The interaction of idea will make the group move forward quickly. Think of the techniques of group therapy. The progress is 100% times faster as you are interacting with others and recognizing yourself in someone’s story.


  • Innovation:

Once again this effect of being in a group will help in the innovation process. As people interact with one another their ability to brainstorm will be amplified and therefore the ability to come out with more ingenious ideas is amplified.



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