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Fall Equinox – Time For Change According To Chinese Medicine

According to Chinese Medicine, our physical body is a representation of the macrocosm. Therefore, any changes in Nature or Cosmos will directly affect us. The change of season is a major that we have to take under consideration to adapt. According to Chinese Medicine, fall is the season to let go of the unwanted habits that do not contribute to our well-being and balance. Fall is also a transitional time. It is the season to adapt between the warm temperatures of summer and the upcoming cold of winter.


Just as nature gets ready for winter, our physical body is doing exactly the same. Being aware of the change will help us embrace it and guide our body in that direction. Our health is directly related to our environment. Here is some advice on how to embrace this beautiful new season.


Eat Warm Food:

Be aware that the cold can lower your immune system. Rebuild it by favoring warm food such as steamed veggies, soups and stews. Forget the summer food and its raw salad. Warm food will help your intestine and liver to digest and add energy where it is more needed. Do not forget to add onions, garlic and a lot of ginger to be protected from cold and flue.


Prepare an infusion every morning:

Drinking warm water infused with lemon and ginger when you wake up clear your internal digestive system and boost your energy level for the day.


Meditate to encourage your body to adapt to the new season:

Do a quick meditation with your back straight thanking your body and soul for its being and setting the intention for it to adapt to this new beautiful season. Before and after your meditation do not forget to spray Healanah’s chakra spray Energy as cinnamon and ylang-ylang help in grounding to the Earth and avoiding bacteria.



Happy solstice everyone !

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