5 Reasons to Fast Weekly


Fasting is one of the oldest therapy and medicine in history. When you think about it, babies stop eating when they are sick. Nobody tell them to do it. They simply engage in this process because their bodies know that it will enhance the process of healing. In the Jewish religion, you have to fast

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Unconditional Self-Love


  The society we live in today makes it harder and harder to love ourselves. Instagram pictures are of beautiful women or men spending their time on vacation are all over. When we face those images on a daily basis, it makes us disconnect from our reality. Most of us, will even wonder if they

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The 5 Principles of Yoga

IMG_5010 copy

The direct translation of yoga is Union. It represents the connection between the visible and the invisible world. Very often in our yoga studios in the West, teachers turn the class into a flow of yoga postures, but forget to explain the meaning behind it. The postures are amazing and will help your system rebalance

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